Book Endorsements

“Most evangelicals know about evangelism, few evangelicals are evangelists. That’s too bad. We could always use a few more good evangelists. If you are an already practising evangelist this book is for you. Les has invaluable insight on how you can be a better evangelist. But if you are NOT an evangelist then this book is definitely for you. It will help you talk with people about Jesus in a genuine, understanding, non-threatening way filled with love and hope and meaning. And that’s a good thing!”

          — Jamey McDonald, Executive Director of Baptist General Conference of Canada


“I love the powerful optimism of Not-Yet Christian. Les Goertz shares his passion for evangelism in a precise, practical, personal style that can’t help but inspire Christians to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.” 

          — Ryan Walter, Author, Stanley Cup winner, President of the Abbotsford Heat AHL


“Buy 25 copies of this book: one for yourself, and the rest for your friends. Why? As soon as you dive into Les’ solid Bible teaching and practical application of how to connect with those who don’t yet believe, you will want to get this tool out as quickly as possible. Les’ book flows out of a lifetime of hammering and grinding the cutting edge of the Christian gospel. It slices through both a believer’s reluctance to share and a not-yet-Christian’s hesitation to commit.” 

          — Dr. Jan Hettinga, Author, Sr. Pastor Emeritus, North Shore Baptist, Bothell, WA


“This book should come with a warning label. I’ve never considered myself an evangelist, but within one week of reading this book, I found myself facing three different, incredible evangelistic opportunities. Les’ ideas and conversation about evangelism increased the sensitivity of my heart toward the not-yet-Christians around me and helped me feel more ready to share my faith.” 

          — Lauren Yoho, Literary Consultant